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Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

Wouldn’t it be fun to make some Christmas crafts? I think it would! Last night I spent the evening watching a Christmas movie and making some whimsical paper Christmas trees to hang from my ceiling!

trees 17 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

One of my fondest memories from my childhood was making Christmas crafts in preparation for the Holidays. I used to love cross-stitching ornaments to give to friends and family, cut out snowflakes to hang in the windows, etc. My mom used to make these delightful Christmas ornaments out of beeswax and I absolutely loved them! I remember she and I were usually so excited to decorate for Christmas that a few times on Thanksgiving, as soon as the table was cleared from the Thanksgiving dinner and all the guests had left, we break out the decorations!

These paper trees are so cute and easy to make, and would make a great afternoon or evening activity with friends!

For this project you will need:

- Scrapbook paper in whatever colors and designs you like (I bought mine for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, for just 25 cents each! I used 1 piece of paper for the bottom of the trees, and was able to squeeze in two of the smaller top layers on one sheet.)
- Scissors
- String
- Tape
- Little decorative stars or snowflakes for the tops (you can find lots of cute beads and embellishments at craft stores!)

trees Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

1. Start by drawing a circle on your paper. Each circle will be a layer of the tree, so depending on how many layers in your tree you’d like (mine have four,) you’ll need a circle for each. You’ll also need to make them different sizes; bigger circles for the bottom of the tree making them smaller with each layer going to the top of the tree.

I used a set of mixing bowls to trace my circles, which also worked out great for creating the different sizes!

trees 2 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

trees 3 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

2. Cut out your circles, marking the center of each circle with a pen or pencil!

trees 4 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

3. You’ll be making these into little cones, so cut out a triangle. The wider/bigger your triangle, the more narrow your cone base will be.

trees 5 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

(Kinda looks like Pac Man doesn’t it? Hehe.)

4. Roll your paper circle into a cone and tape it closed!

trees 6 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

See the little hole at the top? You’ll be using this later!

trees 7 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

5. Now take your scissors and cut little slits all the way around your cone, 1/2 or 2/3rds of the way up works!

trees 8 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

6. Now gently roll each paper fringe up with your fingers …

trees 9 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

and then roll it back down. The paper will stay curved!

trees 10 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

Repeat this step til you’ve done them all!

trees 11 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

Repeat these steps to create all the layers of your tree. Nifty eh?

7. To string your tree together, start by cutting the string to the length of however long you’d like it to hang. I hung my trees from the ceiling! Now grab some tape and put it on the very end of the string, like this:

trees 20 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

This will act like a little stopper for each tree layer!

8. String together your tree layers! Start with the biggest layer, putting the end of the string through the little hole at the top and then slide it all the way down to that piece of tape …

trees 12 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

See? The tape acts like a little stopper!

trees 13 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees


Now do the same thing for the remaining tree layers: put on those tape stoppers and string on each paper tree layer one layer at a time!

trees 14 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

9. Add that tree star! As a finishing touch I got some cute little snowflake embellishments:

trees 15 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

I simply stuck the corner of the snowflake into the preexisting hole on the top of the tree layer, like this:

trees 16 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

Depending on what type of embellishments you get, you might need to hot glue it to either the string or top of the tree.

And that’s it! Time to hang that paper winter wonderland from your ceiling!

trees 171 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

(Or wherever else you choose.)

trees 19 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

So much fun! I’m currently making some paper snowflakes to hang in the windows … reminds me of when I was ten.

trees 18 Whimsical Paper Christmas Trees

And because we’re making Christmas crafts, here’s a couple favorite Christmas songs that I’m listening to! (Gotta have mood music, right?!

trans Whimsical Paper Christmas Treestrans Whimsical Paper Christmas TreesLove,

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